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Ralecon - Why SEO is Important To Your Business?

  • More than 300 Million (Mn) internet users in India

    india internet users
  • Internet penetration rate in India is 23.68%

    internet penetration
  • More than 3 Billion searches per day in Google

    google searches
  • Expected E-Commerce Sales in 2015 is $16 billion

    Expected ecommerce sales in india
SEO Parameters Basic Panda Penguin Pigeon Hummingbird
Keywords to Optimize 10 25 50 100 Unlimited
Number of Pages to Optimize 5 10 25 50 to 100 Unlimited
Technical Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
On-Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Off-Page/Link Building Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Optimization No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loading Time Optimization No Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Experience Optimization No No Yes Yes Yes
Weekly/Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed 1st Page Keywords 5 10 15 25 50
Minimum Contract Period 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Compensation Enquire Now Enquire Now Enquire Now Enquire Now Enquire Now

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Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

  • client 1

    Anton Sharwanand - Director

    Ansuc Overseas Education

    star rating

    “If I have to say about Ralecon’s services in just three words "Worth Every Penny". What makes Ralecon so special is the way they understand your business and requirements. The best part is that they do not ask for huge budgets which made us to shy away from many other search engine companies. Ralecon delivered what they promised which significantly improved our business....."

  • client 2

    Krishna Joshi - Admissions Head

    Petals Montessori School

    star rating

    “The overall experience of working with Ralecon has been great. Their timely service and their expertise as SEO is highly recommended. We've experienced a good turnout for our business with the help of Ralecon. Wishing Ralecon and all the people involved with it a very bright future......"

  • client 3

    Bhavna Muthangi -    Co-Founder


    star rating

    “Ralecon did a great job with starting our backend & doing our SEO. For the SEO project, they regularly sent us detailed reports so we knew exactly what the returns were to our business......"

Are you looking to improve your online business?

Employing the best SEO Company in Bangalore is the key to unlocking the potential of the internet and it is a sure shot way of giving your business the much needed boost!

Why should you look at SEO for improving your online business?

With the plethora of users inundating the internet for their day to day use increasing by the day, most businesses are looking to rev up their sales in the online front. In fact, there are more than 300 million internet users in India alone and the internet is thus the best channel today to advertise one’s product and services and touch base with the audience.

More than 3 billion searches happen in Google everyday!

After all, most users hit the internet to look for the products they wish to buy and are increasingly opting for online purchases. When you look at employing a professional SEO Company in Bangalore, you get to leverage their experience to improve your visibility online and thus get a thriving online business as a result.

Did you know that the internet penetration rate is 23.68% in India?

Such being the wide spread use of the medium, it would be to your advantage to rope in a top SEO company in Bangalore and get your business bet rankings and generate more traffic for your website. With SEO services, you can tap the potential of the internet and use it to your advantage!

How can SEO improve your sales?

With the expected e-commerce sales in 2015 to be around 16 billion dollars, SEO services in Bangalore are the best means to improve your sales. Read on to learn more. When a consumer searches for a particular keyword in any search engine, he or she expects the web pages that come out on top or in the first pages to be popular. When your business doesn’t have a listing in the first few pages of popular search engine result pages, your visibility is very low and this doesn’t impress potential customers favourably. When you team up with a professional SEO company in Bangalore, you get to:

  • Identify the right business keywords that will improve the visibility of your business
  • Optimize the content on your website for improving your ranking in Google
  • Get organic traffic that is more targeted and relevant

All these put together improve your sales by leaps and bounds! Thus, the key to a thriving online business is employing professional SEO services in Bangalore to work on your website.

What should you consider when selecting a SEO company?

Doing a thorough background check is important when you are looking for any service and SEO is no exception. Here is a list of few things that you should look when you look for an affordable SEO company in Bangalore.
  • Industry Experience

    The number of years of experience the company has in the SEO field is an indicator of how thoroughly know the industry and its trends. It is important to consider this factor when you look for professional SEO Services in Bangalore.

  • Clientele

    When a company has a lot of important clients and that too from diverse industries, it is a clinching factor in consideration. The company’s history with its clients is another indicative factor of its commitment towards quality work and great work ethic. Thus, it is important to look for a SEO company in Bangalore that has a diverse clientele and has had a good working relationship with them for quite some time.

  • Organic Presence in Google

    Checking out the organic presence in Google for target keywords can give you an idea as to how the SEO Company has improved the ranking for a certain business in an organic manner. Any good SEO company in Bangalore should have listings in the first few pages of Google search results.

  • Once the above mentioned steps are done, you can sit down with their experts and discuss SEO strategies that can be employed for your business, the kind of results you can expect and take a close look at real time case studies to get a clear picture. You could ask for references and speak with existing clients to know about the standard of work, quality of deliverables and timeliness of the delivery. All these will help you narrow down your search and zero in upon the company that offers the best SEO services in Bangalore.

Why is Ralecon the ideal choice for your SEO purposes?

Ralecon has the unique distinction of working with extremely diverse clientele and delivering the best SEO strategy for each client. Here’s why you should join hands with Ralecon for your SEO services in Bangalore.
  • Certifications

    We are a Google Adwords certified partner and Microsoft Bing certified partner.

  • Technical Expertise

    Ralecon is the ideal company for SEO services in Bangalore as we rank at the top in Google search results for all our business related keywords (for example, best SEO company in Bangalore). We are well versed in all the latest technological trends and are proficient in Google’s new algorithm.

  • Customer Base

    We work with more than 100 clients from 10 different countries and we enjoy a 90% repeat business rate. Being the best SEO Company in Bangalore, our customer retention rate is also extremely high and this in itself is a major attraction for most of our prospective clients apart from our technical expertise and attitude towards work.

With Ralecon’s experience and expertise by your side, you are sure to get an improved visibility online. We believe in a working relationship that lasts forever and our commitment to quality and client interests have cemented our bond with our customers. Explore how you can leverage this to your business advantage and avail the best SEO services in Bangalore at the most affordable rates with us!
Exploit the potential of the internet and what it can do for your business with Ralecon, the most trusted company for SEO Services in Bangalore and drive your sales through the roof!

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